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Welcome !

Soundctuary is born out of my love for sound,

Out of my experience of sound as the source of all creation.

This piece of storytelling is here to tell you why I am excited to bring these offerings to you, and how you can engage with Soundctuary in your own journey.

Thank you for being here today.

Léa B.

The story behind Soundctuary

Where the journey begins

In a quiet room overlooking the Atitlàn Volcanoes and Lake, in Guatemala, Jan 2022.

I am sitting in deep contemplation of silence. And out of silence, I see a vibration emerge, a dot in the pitch darkness at first, which transforms into a ripple, and many ripples later, there is a full kaleidoscope of beauty formed before my eyes.


I immediatlely create a sound track out of this vision. It is called Seed of Sound. It is the first album I ever recorded and released.

Listen here to Seed of Sound


My journey with sound is already underway at this point. I have studied with gong and Tibetan bowls masters in Bali, intuitive singers and instrumentalists in Hawaii, chanting is part of my practice, I support medicinal ceremonies with music and I am about to enter a qualifying sound ceremonialist course in Guatemala with two of my beloved medicine teachers.

Yet this particular direct experience shifts my focus internally. I no longer need to receive the transmission from external sources as Sound has made its source known to me. I have identified within my system where the voice emanates from, and this radically transforms my experience of singing, and playing instruments.


Calling in the Tribe

At that point, I acknowledge that my particular mission at this time on Earth is to spread the medicine of sound through the use of the vocal instrument.


May it be through singing, chanting, toning, telling stories, reciting poetry, or dictating a new code of conduct for the actualization of the whole, it is always the voice that emerges through as the vector of frequency. And my priority becomes to purify the conduit for the voice to emerge unencombered.


I am now inviting others to join me on this journey with infinite joy in my heart, for Sound is my calling as much as it is who I am.


Who we all are.


My dedication is unwavering – to champion authentic self-expression, fostering a legacy that will empower the children of tomorrow to live and create in a world where truth and authenticity are celebrated.

Invitation to engage

Whether you are looking to explore your voice, become more empowered in your self-expression, release the blockages that have been keeping you silent, or simply tune into the power of sound as a modality to heal and transform, we have crafted several offerings that can support your journey and give you the tools to generate more confidence in your capacity to engineer and manifest your own creative vision.

Sound is the seed of the World of Form, and Together, we weave a beautiful new creation.

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