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We are a Collective.

Together we curate sound experiences that facilitate deep listening and generate common ground.


Our Medicine
is Sound.

We consciously create out of Silence.

Love is our

We tend to the heart, serving all living beings.

How we begun.

Soundctuary was launched in June 2024 during a gathering in the South of France.

Bringing together a small cohort of people from a diversity of backgrounds and origins, the idea was to foster a consortium of capacities and talents to be played with and expanded over time.

Our intention is what unites us: to facilitate spaces of deep receptivity where common ground can be acknowledged and hearts fully heard.

Team & Skills



Founder - France
Instrumentalist; Voice; Chanting Practitionner; Vibrational Therapist

Léa became a student of sound in 2019, during her first medicinal journey. Since she traveled the world to explore different practices and traditions and has now shared her voice and own creations in several concerts and events around Europe. She is also a therapist and works with medicinal sound and art applications to facilitate transformation for her clients.


Member - India
Sonic architect, researcher, artist

Dhruv combines the knowledge of modern acoustics, sound engineering and instrument craft with the ancient knowledge systems of yogic philosophy, to design spaces with specific sonic intents. His research projects 'Sonorihome' and 'Resonant Rooms' are now branching out and manifesting in various forms - in wellness centres, spiritual institutions, music festivals and public spaces - across the globe.


University Name

Briefly describe your degree and any other highlights about your studies you want to share. Be sure to include relevant skills you gained, accomplishments you achieved or milestones you reached during your education.

How to work with us

We bring together a team of sound explorers to support your gatherings, merging technical abilities with highly intuitive practices that attune to the needs of our time together.

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