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Free your Voice

Welcome to a sacred space where ancient practices meet creative endeavours and artistic expression,


And a new reality is formed !

The Pillars of our approach

There are 3 sacred components to everything we do:


We come back to the heart of who we are


We bring spirit into



We share our embodied voice with the world

We cultivate

Let us unify our mind, body, and heart
Let us feel our commonalities,
what makes us ONE

Let us express our unique gifts, the totality of who we are, let us
contribute to the collective story


Our Practice


Coming Soon

Virtual Pilgrimages

For those unable to physically join the transformative pilgrimages around the world, Le Sonctuaire extends an invitation to a unique and immersive online experience. Over the course of nine months, embark on a virtual journey with several guides to different sacred locations across the globe.


Through a curated blend of digital content, live sessions, and shared wisdom, you'll intimately explore the mysteries of each land, absorb its sacred teachings, and receive the profound insights that have unfolded in the journey.

Book an exploratory session

This is where our time together begins.

Find a moment to dive in with one of our guides to resolve any lingering doubts you may have.


Let us dance this sacred dance together.

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